Through self-reflection as a designer, I have discovered the joy of pursuing my own dreams and creating a safe space for myself and others. This journey reminded me of my initial motivation for entering the world of fashion: to establish an emotional connection with customers. Designing has become a means of self-discovery and an expression of my evolution as a woman. In this process, I decided to create thoughtful pieces that challenge the intricacies of fashion at its essence. Thus, "Under your skin" was born, focusing on utilizing yarns. This collection strikes a signature balance between effortless, powerful, minimal, confident and sexy.

My new design approach aims to fill the gaps in your wardrobe with effortlessly unconventional takes on unique pieces, infusing everyday wear with a hidden allure and a touch of playfulness. "Under your skin" is featuring four designs, all crafted with meticulous attention and a genuine appreciation for craftsmanship.