Founded in 2018 by Designer, Jennifer Okoro, Jenniiva is a Crochet/knit wear design studio based in NEW YORK, specializing in quality craftsmanship. Since its launch, Jenniiva has developed a dedicated fan base due to her contemporary and timeless take on beauty and glamour. 

Her purposeful endeavor is to create designs that empower women with a sense of confidence in their multifaceted identities. She holds her community in high regard, and by means of fashion, she engages in a dialogue that encourages you to defy any societal boundaries that could impede your potential. 

Each of her designs is meticulously tailored to the customer's specific body measurements, ensuring a perfect fit and utilizing soft, tactile yarn to achieve garments that are both flattering and comfortable. Unlike mass-produced items, handmade clothing possesses slight variations, making each piece truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

"I remember always having this constant longing to deviate from the norm and that feeling has never left me, i don't think it ever leaves those who are blessed with it. I hope that through my pieces, you can see the love and dedication that goes into every stitch"

Thank you for believing in me.





Our Values.

  •  Protecting our planet for the future.
  •  Driving forward diversity and breaking down barriers in our society.
  •  Empowering females of all backgrounds in the fashion industry.
  •  Support the well-being and mental health of our team and community.
  •  Delivering premium, durable and sustainable product to our customers.